Rhine River

  • Dusseldorf to Wiesbaden/Mainz (Rhine Gorge).
  • Mosel River.
  • Mosel and Rhine Gorge.
  • Main River.
  • Neckar River.
  • Four Rivers Grand Tour: Rhine, Mosel, Neckar, Main.
  • Amsterdam to Rotterdam,  Rhine to Frankfurt.
  • Dusseldorf (or Heidelberg) to Bodensee.
  • Amsterdam to Lake Bodensee.
  • Lake Bodensee (Lake Constance).

The Rides

Danube River


  • Danube Headwaters (Danaueschingen) to Passau.
  • Salzburg to Passau Option.
  • Innsbruck to Passau Option.
  • Passau to Vienna.
  • Vienna to Budapest.
  • Budapest to Black Sea along the Danube.
  • Danube Combination Routes.

Italy and France


  • Amazing Updated Ride: Munich to Venice -- a must! Inn River, Adige River, and Po River in Northern Italy.
  • Loire River: Orleans to St Nazaire.

Elbe River and North


  • Hamburg to Prague.
  • Cesky Krumlov (Passau/Vienna) Moldau Option.
  • Hamburg North Sea Extension.
  • Berlin Extension.
  • Weser River and Elbe Hamburg Loop.
  • Amsterdam to Hamburg.